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All my shirts and hoodies are carefully printed on a per-order basis in order to reduce waste and offer a very wide variety of designs. Printed in Montreal, Canada.

Why Wiki?

I call it because it is a huge collection of shirts, just like a wiki. The site is packed with designs mostly featuring clip art and public domain images. All without heavy branding.

How's your stuff made?

I make all the shirts and hoodies using a vinyl cutter and a manual heat press.

Here's how it works: first, the design is cut from vinyl using a cutter.

Then, I weed out the excess vinyl, leaving only the design.

Finally, the design is carefully placed on the shirt or hoodie and pressed with a manual heat press to transfer it.

Since this process is mostly done by hand, pieces with intricate designs take more time and effort, which is why they might cost a bit more.

Where do you get your images?

Most of my images come from public domain websites such as or

Some other images may also have been submitted, or be free to use by artists on the internet. If you are interested in an image, you can reach out to me using the Contact form.