Cat Overlooking Hoodie

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This artwork depicts a cat laying down on a tiled roof, overlooking a panoramic view of other rooftops. The cat appears to be resting and taking in its surroundings. It could be observing the hustle and bustle of the city below, or perhaps surveying its territory. The cat's relaxed posture suggests a sense of contentment and peacefulness.

Fleece hoodie with hand-printed Vinyl Print.  Front Pocket.

High-quality vinyl print. Each hoodie is hand-printed per order.
Printed in Montreal, Canada.

Washing instructions:

- Machine wash in cold water.
- Do not bleach
- Do not tumble dry, lay flat to dry.

Our blanks are based on men's sizing and should run similar to your regular size.
Size / Measurement Chest Back Length
Small 19 1/4" 27"
Medium 20 1/2" 27 1/2"
Large 22" 28"
Extra Large 23 1/5" 29"